When and where a notice of violation and order to comply has been served pursuant to Section 1343.03 hereof, and upon reinspection at the end of the time specified for compliance it is found that the violation or violations have not been corrected, and if no petition for a hearing before Council is pending, the authorized inspector may order the dwelling, or the parts thereof affected by the continued violations, vacated in accordance with the following procedures:
   (a)   Dwellings or parts thereof shall be vacated within a reasonable time not to exceed sixty days.
   (b)   No owner or operator shall let any person occupy a dwelling or dwelling unit which has been condemned and posted after the time allowed by the authorized inspector for vacating.
   (c)   Vacated dwellings shall have all outer doors locked and windows barricaded to prevent entry.
   (d)   Vacated dwellings shall have posted at each entrance a sign to read, "DO NOT ENTER, UNSAFE TO OCCUPY."
   (e)   Vacated dwellings or parts thereof shall not again be used for human habitation until all violations have been corrected and written determination is obtained from, and such notice or placard is removed by the authorized inspector indicating that the dwelling complies with this Code.
   (f)   If a dwelling or part thereof is not vacated within the time specified in the vacation order, the authorized inspector may cause the owner of the dwelling prosecuted as a violator of the provisions of this Code, and may cause the order to vacate to be carried out at the expense of the Village.  A statement of the cost of such work shall be transmitted to Council who shall cause the cost to be paid and levied as a special assessment against the property.
      (Ord. 1895.  Passed 1-25-78.)