(a)   If there is a conflict between figures and words in expressing a number, the words govern.
(ORC 1.46)
   (b)   If a general provision conflicts with a special or local provision, they shall be construed, if possible, so that effect is given to both.  If the conflict between the provisions is irreconcilable, the special or local provision prevails as an exception to the general provision, unless the general provision is the later adoption and the manifest intent is that the general provision prevail.
(ORC 1.51)
   (c)   (1)   If ordinances enacted at different meetings of Council are irreconcilable, the ordinance latest in date of enactment prevails.
      (2)   If amendments to the same ordinance are enacted at different meetings of Council, one amendment without reference to another, the amendments are to be harmonized, if possible, so that effect may be given to each.  If the amendments are substantively irreconcilable, the latest in date of enactment prevails.  The fact that a later amendment restates language deleted by an earlier amendment, or fails to include language inserted by an earlier amendment, does not of itself make the amendments irreconcilable.  Amendments are irreconcilable only when changes made by each cannot reasonably be put into simultaneous operation.
         (ORC 1.52)