TITLE ONE - Building Provisions
Chap. 1301.     Ohio Building Code.
Chap. 1303.     Property Maintenance Code.
Chap. 1305.     Residential Building Code of Ohio for One-, Two-, and Three-Family Dwellings.
Chap. 1307.     Flood Damage Reduction.
Chap. 1315.     Dangerous Buildings.
Chap. 1319.     Dwelling Insulation.
Chap. 1323.     Motor Vehicle Trailers.
Chap. 1325.     Fences.
Chap. 1327.     Administration and Enforcement.
Chap. 1329.     Factory Built Housing and Mobile Homes.
Chap. 1331.  Awning and Canopy Signs.
Chap. 1333.  Occupancy Permits Required for Rental Property.
Chap. 1335.  Vacant Property Registry.