Where the Village Engineer determines that site constraints exist in a manner that compromises the intent of this chapter to improve the management of storm water runoff as established in this chapter, practical alternatives may be used to result in an improvement of water quality and/or a reduction of storm water runoff.  Such alternatives must be in keeping with the intent and likely cost of those measures that would otherwise be required to meet the objectives of this section.  When possible, all practical alternatives shall be implemented within the drainage area of the proposed development project.  Practical alternatives can include, but are not limited to:
   (a)   Fees shall be paid in an amount specified by the Village Engineer.  The Village shall apply these fees to storm water management practices that improve the existing water quality.
   (b)   Implementation of off-site storm water management practices.
   (c)   Watershed or stream restoration.
   (d)   Retrofitting of an existing storm water management practice.
   (e)   Other practices approved by the Village Engineer in keeping with the intent of this section.
      (Ord. 3329.  Passed 5-16-07.)