Where openings have been or are to be made in a street, the Village Administrator shall provide for the restoration of the street pavement in one of the following ways:
   (a)   The entire work of restoration, including both paving surface and paving base, may be performed directly by the Department of Public Safety and Service and the permittee has completed the back fill.
   (b)   The paving surface may be installed by the Department after the permittee  has made the back fill and installed the pavement base.
   (c)   The work may be done either completely as in subsection (a) or as to paving surface only, as in subsection (b), by a Village contractor thereunto duly authorized by a contract with the Village.
   (d)   The entire work of restoration may be done by the permittee.
      (Ord. 2340.  Passed 8-13-86.)