(a)   Applications.  Permits for making openings in Village streets shall be issued only by the Village Administrator and only for some duly authorized purpose.  Applications for street opening permits shall be made on forms provided by the Village Administrator.  The application shall give the size and location of the proposed opening and shall state the kind of paving where the cut is to be made.  The permit shall be issued only after ample security has been given the Village to insure the proper restoration and subsequent maintenance of the street pavement disturbed.  Such security shall be furnished in one of the following ways:
      (1)   A cash deposit may be made with each application sufficient to cover the cost of restoration; or
      (2)   A surety bond may be filed with each application to cover the cost of restoration.  Such bond shall remain in effect for a one year period; and
      (3)   A general deposit may be made, to be replenished from time to time and to constitute a running account against which permits may be issued provided that no permit shall be issued when the net unencumbered balance in the account becomes less than the estimated cost of the requisite restoration.
   In the case of Village contracts involving the cutting of street pavements, permits may be issued without cash deposit, but in such cases sufficient money to pay for the necessary street restoration shall be withheld from the contract moneys owning to the contractor until such street restoration is completed by the contractor to the satisfaction of the Village Administrator, or until such contractor shall have paid to the Village the requisite amount for the street restoration.
   (b)   Fee.  A fee of one hundred dollars ($100.00) shall be paid for the issuing of such permit.  This fee shall not apply to utility companies conducting street openings on sidewalks and rights of way.
   (c)   Responsibilities for Applications and Fee.  The contractor shall assume the responsibility for applying for and securing a permit for making openings in Village streets.  The contractor shall assume the responsibility to pay the required fee for issuing of such permit.  As used in this section, a contractor means the individual or legal entity who performs the street opening or excavation work.
(Ord. 2340.  Passed 8-13-86;  Ord. 2767.  Passed 1-11-95;  Ord. 2914.  Passed 7-9-97.)