§ 150.087  INSPECTION.
   (A)   Within ten working days of the receipt of the payment of the required fees and the application form, the owner shall afford the inspectors the opportunity to inspect the structure and shall consent to the inspection.
   (B)   The Code Official shall thoroughly examine the interior or exterior of the premises to determine whether the premises complies with the International Property Maintenance Code and all of the other ordinances of the city related to building, plumbing, electrical, health, safety, fire and minimum building standards and that there are no violations of State Building Code and that the premises are fit, safe and useable for human occupation.
   (C)   With ten working days of the inspection, the Code Official will issue a certificate of continued occupancy or deny the same, setting forth the reasons as set forth above.
   (D)   (1)   If the Code Official determines that the premises are in compliance with all local and state codes, he will issue a certificate of continued occupancy to be valid so long as the occupants listed in the application remain on the premises.
      (2)   If a dwelling unit is not occupied within 12 months of the issuance of a certificate of continued occupancy, the certificate will expire, and a new certificate must be obtained before occupancy.
   (E)   If the Code Official determines that because of deficiencies of violations, the permit cannot be issued, he shall notify the owner of these deficiencies and allow the owner 90 days to correct the violations. Notice shall be sent as provided in the International Property Maintenance Code. The notice shall identify the premises and specify the violations of by chapter and code section.
   (F)   Any violation of the ordinances, codes and statutes referred to in this subchapter shall be grounds for the denial of a certificate of continued occupancy.
(Ord. 633, passed 7-7-2009)