(A)   Any owner intending to sell, rent or lease any dwelling unit or allowing any person to inhabit a dwelling unit, shall apply to the Code Official for a certificate of occupancy.
   (B)   All applications for such certificates shall be made in writing and shall state the name and address of the owner of the structure, the name and address of the owner-occupant or tenant-occupant or any other occupant of the structure, the name and address, is a sale or transfer of title, of the seller, transferor, buyer and the new proposed occupant, and the name and address of the renting agent. It shall also describe the premises to be occupied, including the street address thereof, and designation of the portion or portions of the premises or structures for which the specific application is being made and shall set forth the number of persons who shall occupy and all portions of the premises. Application shall include consent to inspection for executed by all the owners and the required fee.
   (C)   All owners or renting agents of real or person or persons applying for a certificate as provided hereby shall advise the Code Official or his agent of a reasonable time or times that the inspections may be made and have someone present to assist and provide entry for the inspection purposes.
(Ord. 633, passed 7-7-2009)