§ 31.01  GENERALLY. 
   (A)   The municipal primary and general election shall be held in accordance with the provisions of Neb. RS Chapter 32. The elections shall be held in conjunction with the state primary and general election. Prior to February 1 of the year in which the first such joint election takes place, the Governing Body shall receive the consent in writing of the County Board to so hold the election and the authorization shall be prescribed according to state law. The County Clerk shall have charge of the election and shall have the authority to deputize the City Clerk for municipal election purposes.  Charges shall be paid to the County Clerk in accordance with Neb. RS Ch. 32.
   (B)   Commencing with the statewide primary election in 1976, and every two years thereafter, those candidates for Mayor and for positions on the City Council whose terms will be expiring shall be nominated at the statewide primary election and elected at the statewide general election.
(Neb. RS 32-4,147)  (1990 Code, § 1-701)