§ 94.08  EXEMPTIONS.
   This chapter does not affect the sale or rental of single-family houses by a private individual if:
   (A)   The person owns three or fewer houses;
   (B)   A real estate broker is not used;
   (C)   Discriminatory advertising is not used;
   (D)   No more than one house in which the owner was not the most recent resident is sold during any two-year period;
   (E)   Rooms or units in owner-occupied multifamily dwellings for two or four families are rented, and discriminatory advertising is not used;
   (F)   The sale, rental, or occupancy of dwellings that a religious organization owns or operates for other than a commercial purpose is limited to persons of same religion, if membership in that religion is not restricted on account of race, color, or national origin; or
   (G)   The rental or occupancy of lodging that a private club owns or operates for other than commercial purpose is limited to the club's members.  This exemption does allow discrimination if the reason is race.
(1990 Code, § 10-808)  (Ord. 422, passed 1-3-1995)