§ 70.027  SPEED LIMITS. 
   (A)   No person shall operate a motor vehicle on any street, alley, or other place within the corporate limits at a rate of speed greater than 25 miles per hour, except as hereinafter provided:
      (1)   In the business district the rate of speed shall be 20 miles per hour;
      (2)   In residential areas the rate of speed shall be 25 miles per hour; and
      (3)   In school zones the rate of speeds shall be in accordance with § 70.060.
   (B)   Where the Council determines that traffic and road conditions warrant, the speed limit may be increased or decreased by resolution.
   (C)   Substantial metal markers and signs shall be erected and maintained along any and all stretches of roadway which have been so designated by the Council. The Council shall cause a marker to be placed indicating the point at which the speed limit changes.
(1990 Code, § 5-219)  (Ord. 756, passed 8-4-2015)  Penalty, see § 10.99