(A)   Purpose. This section is an exercise of the city's police power for the public safety, health and welfare; and its provisions shall be liberally construed to accomplish this purpose.
   (B)   Findings and intent. Medical and mental health experts have denounced efforts to change sexual orientation and gender identity as ineffective and unsafe for people, especially minors. These efforts are based on the discredited premise that being non-heterosexual is a mental disorder that can be corrected or cured. It is the intent of the Legislative Council that these unethical conversion practices that correlate with serious and dangerous harm to the health and well-being of minors be prohibited. Therefore, the Council finds and declares that a compelling and important interest exists in protecting the physical and psychological well-being of minors from efforts to change sexual orientation and gender identity within the municipality through the professional conduct of licensed providers, and no other less intrusive means of protecting minors from the harms associated with conversion therapy would be effective in furthering the city's interest.
(Lou. Metro Ord. No. 117-2020, approved 10-1-2020)