(A)   When beginning the process of examining construction documents pursuant to Section 107.3 of the Kentucky Building Code or Section R106.3 of the Kentucky Residential Code, the Code Official assigned to the matter shall:
      (1)   Notify the member of the Legislative Council of the Louisville/Jefferson County Metro Government district in which the project is proposed to be constructed; and
      (2)   Identify whether any such documents have previously received approvals from Louisville Metro agencies; and
      (3)   Notify the fire authority having jurisdiction over the location.
   (B)   If the Code Official, applicant, and/or another agency causes any documents to change from their previous round of approvals, the agencies which previously granted their approval shall be notified and given five regular business days to review such changes and make comments.
      (1)   If an agency raises an issue with the proposed changes within those five business days, the plan may not receive final approval from the Code Official until those issues are addressed.
      (2)   If those five business days lapse without any issues being raised, the Code Official may proceed with the regular construction document approval process.
      (3)   The Code Official may, at the request of an agency or at the Code Official's own discretion, extend the five business day period up to five additional business days.
(Lou. Metro Ord. No. 75-2020, passed 6-25-2020)