(A)   Every pawnbroker in Louisville Metro shall by 11:00 a.m. each day make available to the Louisville Metro Police Department a true and correct report of all goods received by him or her, whether by pawn or purchase, during the 24 hours preceding each report. The report shall describe the goods as accurately as practicable. The report shall be transmitted electronically in an on-line database system designated by the Louisville Metro Police Department.
   (B)   The report shall include the following:
      (1)   Date of the purchase, pawn, consignment or trade;
      (2)   Full name of the person or persons who sold, pawned, consigned or traded goods;
      (3)   Physical and mailing address (to include  city, state and zip code;
      (4)   Telephone number;
      (5)   Date of birth;
      (6)   Gender;
      (7)   Race;
      (8)   Hair color; and
      (9)   Eye color.
   (C)   The transmitted report shall include an electronic copy of a valid driver’s license which contains the name, digital photograph, digital thumbprint, and digital signature of the seller, including the information obtained from scanning the bar code on the back of the valid driver’s license and a digital photograph of the seller taken at the time of the transaction. In the digital photograph of the seller, the seller’s face shall be free of all glasses, prescription or sunglasses, and free of all hats, scarves or other headwear that covers the hairline. An exception exists if the attire is worn in observance of the seller’s religious practice, such as a turban or headscarf, however, the seller’s face must still be visible from the hairline to the chin and from the front of one ear to the front of the other ear. The pawnbroker must obtain the driver’s license information, digital fingerprint, and digital photograph of the seller for each new transaction regardless of the individual already having an existing file with the pawnbroker. If a valid driver’s license is unavailable, the pawnbroker shall obtain a clear and readable copy of a U.S. government-issued identification card, a digital signature, and a digital right thumbprint, however, if unavailable, then a digital left thumbprint of the person or persons.
(1994 Jeff. Code, § 123.08)  (Jeff. Ord. 3-1972, adopted and effective 8-22-1972; Lou. Metro Am. ord. No. 76-2007, approved 5-15-2007; Lou. Metro Am. Ord. No. 230-2013, approved 12-16-13; Lou. Metro Am. Ord. No. 138-2019, approved 9-24-2019)  Penalty, see § 123.99