Definitions Governing Solid Waste
   51.001   Definitions
Waste Management District
   51.100   Creation of district
   51.101   Board of Directors
   51.102   Meetings of Board; quorum
   51.103   Operation of Board; adoption of bylaws
   51.104   Committees
   51.105   Powers and duties of Waste Management District
   51.106   District as solid waste management area
   51.107   Waste Management District; authority and responsibility
   51.108   Executive Director of District
Off-Site Waste Management Facilities
   51.200   Licensing
   51.201   Fee schedule
   51.202   Collection of fees; regulatory authority
   51.203   Time of payment
License Applications, Fees and Reports
   51.204   Landfill
   51.205   Off-site solid waste management facility other than a landfill
   51.206   Recycling facility
   51.207   Composting facility
   51.208   Waste disposal facility other than a landfill
Waste Haulers
   51.300   Waste haulers
   51.301   Transfer facilities
   51.302   Compost facilities
   51.303   Construction/demolition debris facilities
Metro Solid Waste Management in the Urban Services District
   51.400   Urban Services District; powers and duties
   51.401   Urban Services District; duties of Director
   51.402   Urban Services District; removal of dead animals
   51.403   Urban Services District; disposal or ordinary commercial solid waste
   51.404   Collection in Central Business District
   51.405   Collection in Urban Services District
General Provisions Regarding Solid Waste
   51.500   Mandatory solid waste collection
   51.501   Reserved
   51.502   Locations for deposit of solid waste
   51.503   Transportation and collection of solid waste
   51.504   Failure to obey regulations
   51.505   Disposal of ordinary commercial solid waste
   51.506   Disposal of industrial waste
   51.507   Solid waste container specifications
   51.508   Provision of solid waste storage and removal
   51.509   Landfill disposal ban
   51.510   Prohibited activities; impoundment
   51.997   Severability
   51.998   Penalties and interest
   51.999   Penalty