§ 155.24  MAINTENANCE.
   All signs shall be kept in good repair and in a proper state of preservation in accordance with the Louisville Metro Code of Ordinances.  Every sign and the premises immediately surrounding the sign shall be maintained by the owner or person in charge thereof in a clean, sanitary and inoffensive condition, and free and clear of all obnoxious substances, rubbish and weeds.  In addition to the enforcement procedures contained in this chapter, any code enforcement officer or peace officer who finds a sign placed in a manner causes an obstruction to pedestrian or vehicular traffic or that restricts the vision of drivers of vehicles on abutting streets or on the subject property may cause the sign to be removed to a safe location on the property, or, if the sign is located in the right-of-way, may remove and dispose of the sign.
(Metro Ord. No. 151-2010, approved 8-16-2010)