Agencies of the Metro Government shall adopt procedures, standards, and techniques regarding the media used in the creation, recording and re-recording of any public record which are consistent with statutory requirements and standards and regulations adopted by the Kentucky Department for Libraries and Archives.
   (A)   All media must be durable enough to meet the retention requirements of a public record as it appears on the agency's records retention schedule.
   (B)   Agencies of the Metro Government shall follow established rules regarding use of paper quality which meet the appropriate nationally-recognized standards for permanence and durability in order to avoid loss of information contained in paper records of enduring value (i.e. permanent public records), and or the cost of conserving or transferring said information.
   (C)   The Technology Department shall advise Metro Government agencies regarding paper quality standards for records of enduring value.
(1994 Jeff. Code, § 22.07) (Jeff. Ord. 2-1995, adopted and effective 1-24-1995; Lou. Metro Am. Ord. No. 121-2004, approved 8-30-2004)