The duties of the Records Coordinator designated by the head of each agency of the Metro Government shall include:
   (A)   Maintaining a retention schedule for the agency's records.
   (B)   Supervising the disposal of records according to such retention schedule.
   (C)   Completing destruction certificates for all records destroyed from the agency.
   (D)   Forwarding all destruction certificates to the Technology Department for review in advance of destruction of any documents.
   (E)   Maintaining the agency's copies of destruction certificates.
   (F)   Transferring records not needed for current administrative purposes to the Technology Department.
   (G)   Preparing and maintaining copies of records transmittal forms used to transfer records to the Technology Department.
   (H)   Retrieving records from the custody of the Technology Department.
   (I)   Collecting and forwarding to the Technology Department two copies of all agency reports and publications.
(1994 Jeff. Code, § 22.05)  (Jeff. Ord. 2-1995, adopted and effective 1-24-1995; Lou. Metro Am. Ord. No. 121-2004, approved 8-30-2004)