§ 21.04 NEPOTISM.
   (A)   A member of the family of a Metro Officer shall not be given preference for employment or appointment to a position in a Metro Agency if a more qualified person has made application for the same position.
   (B)   No Metro Officer shall act in his or her official capacity to hire, or caused to be hired any member of his or her family at an hourly pay rate or with benefits in excess of any other employee with similar job duties, responsibilities and qualification requirements.
   (C)   No Metro Officer shall exercise direct management or supervisory authority over any member of his or her family; nor shall any Metro Officer exercise contract management authority where any member of his or her family is employed by or is under contract to any vendor who is subject to such officer's direct authority or management.
   (D)   After the effective date of this subchapter, a member of the family of the Mayor, a member of the Metro Council, County Attorney, Sheriff, County Clerk, Coroner, Surveyor and Constable shall not be employed by or appointed to a position with such elected official's office. Any members of the family of the Metro Officers named in this section employed or serving in a position within the office of such Metro Officer on the effective date of this subchapter or amendments thereto shall be excluded from the prohibition contained in this section including its amendments.
(Lou. Metro Ord. No. 71-2003, approved 4-16-2003; Lou. Metro Am. Ord. No. 52-2010, approved 3-25-2010)