(A)   Information gathered from alarm businesses and alarm users in compliance with this chapter is deemed to be private and confidential and not subject to disclosure under Kentucky's Open Records Law, KRS 61.870 - 61.884. Metro Government declares that the public's interest in having access to information relating to the names and addresses of alarm users (and by implication, those without alarms) is outweighed by alarm users' and non-alarm users' interests in protecting the security measures which they use or which they do not use. Metro Government declares that it is an unwarranted invasion of personal privacy to require property owners to provide information pertaining to their personal security and then to release such information to the public, including the criminal element.
   (B)   Metro Government records, and those maintained by the Alarm Administrator concerning an alarm businesses' success in preventing or redressing false alarm dispatches shall be deemed open to the public as long as names and addresses of alarm users are not divulged.
(Lou. Metro Ord. No. 156-2021, approved 11-11-2021)