(A)   Metro Officers shall be required to file with the Louisville/Jefferson County Metro Ethics Commission (the Ethics Commission) a financial disclosure statement on a form provided by the Ethics Commission and signed under oath by the filer.  The financial disclosure statement shall include all of the following information:
      (1)   Name of filer;
      (2)   Current business address, business telephone number and home address of filer;
      (3)   Title of filer's public office or elected office sought;
      (4)   Occupations of filer and spouse;
      (5)   The name, address, and telephone number of each business organization doing business with the Louisville/Jefferson County Metro Government, or any Metro Agency, or any Metro Officer, in which the filer or any member of the filer's family has:
         (a)   An interest of $10,000 at fair market value or 5% ownership interest or more; or
         (b)   Received compensation in excess of $5,000 during the preceding calendar year.  If the interest is the ownership of publicly traded securities, or publicly traded securities are the source of income, the interest need not be reported unless the officer or family member owns 5% or more of the total value of such publicly traded securities.
      (6)   The location and zoning designation of all real property within Jefferson County, other than the filer's primary residence, in which the filer or any members of the filer's family had an interest of $10,000 or more during the preceding calendar year and which is the subject of any condemnation proceeding, any regulatory or enforcement proceeding before the Metro Planning Commission, or any proceeding before any other administrative body or court of law wherein the Louisville/Jefferson County Metro Government or any Metro Agency or Metro Officer is an interested party.
   (B)   (1)   The financial disclosure statement shall be filed annually by Metro Officers no later than April 30 of each year.  Newly appointed Metro Officers shall be required to file their initial statement no later than 21 days after the date of appointment.  Any material change in the information required by subsections (A)(5) or (A)(6) such as to cause previously submitted information to no longer be accurate or complete, shall be reported in writing to the Ethics Commission within ten business days after the affected Metro Officer knows or reasonably should know of that circumstance.
      (2)   The term "material change" under subsection (B)(1) shall include any gift, loan, gratuity, discount, favor, service or economic opportunity of significant value or having an aggregate value of $25 or more which the Metro Officer believes in good faith to be exempt from the application of § 21.02(B).
   (C)   When any Metro Officer, or any member of his or her family, shall have any private interest or financial interest, directly or indirectly, in any contract or matter pending before or within his or her office, or any Metro Agency, the Metro Officer shall disclose such interest to the Ethics Commission, the governing body of the affected Metro Agency and, if the contract or matter requires formal action by the Metro Council, to the Metro Council.
   (D)   Any member of the Metro Council, or the County Attorney, as well as any Metro Officer who derives his or her authority from the Metro Council or from the County Attorney, or a member of any such person's family, who has a financial or private interest in any matter pending before the Metro Council shall disclose such financial or private interest on the records of the Metro Council and shall disqualify himself or herself from participating in any debate, vote, or proceeding whatsoever relating thereto, including engaging in any communications with other Metro Council Members regarding said matter.  Any matter pertaining to a Metro Officer's budget or the operation of such officer's office, agency or department, including a Metro Officer's salary, shall not be construed as a "private interest".
(Lou. Metro Ord. No. 71-2003, approved 4-16-2003; Lou. Metro Am. Ord. No. 52-2010, approved 3-25-2010; Lou. Metro Am. Ord. No. 178-2014, approved 11-10-2014)