§ 156.804  NOTICES; ORDERS.
   (A)   (1)   Citation or notice to owner or to person or persons responsible.  Whenever the Code Official, based upon personal observation or investigation, has reasonable cause to believe that a person has committed a violation of this code, the Code Official is authorized to issue a citation or notice of violation to the offender in accordance and as prescribed by § 32.283.
      (2)   Notice regarding care of dilapidated abandoned property.
         (a)   The Director shall have a notice to be mailed at least annually to the last known address of the owner of each dilapidated abandoned property, or shall publish a notice in a newspaper of general circulation, advising owners, operators, and persons in possession or control of dilapidated abandoned property, of the requirements of this chapter regarding the care of property.
         (b)   The notice shall describe each of the nuisances described in Chapter 156 and shall state one or more of the following may occur beginning 30 days of the notice is mailed or published:
            1.   Failure to remove or otherwise abate any nuisances will result in the Department or its designee without further notice may take any action necessary to abate the nuisance within the first anniversary of the date of the notice and that the owner will be billed for all costs of the abatement.
            2.   Additional civil or criminal legal actions may be filed by the Department against the owner or owners to enforce nuisance violations, without additional notice.
         (c)   The notice issued pursuant to this section may be appealed to the Code Enforcement Board.
   (B)   Violation penalties.  Penalties for noncompliance with citations, orders and notices shall be as set forth in § 156.999.
   (C)   Transfer of ownership. It shall be unlawful for the owner of any dwelling unit or structure who has received a compliance order or upon whom a notice of violation has been served to sell, transfer, mortgage, or otherwise dispose of such dwelling unit or structure to another until the provisions of the compliance order or notice of violation have been complied with or until such owner shall first furnish the grantee, transferee, or mortgagee a true copy of any compliance order or notice of violation issued by the Code Official and shall furnish to the Code Official a signed and notarized statement from the grantee, transferee, or mortgagee, acknowledging the receipt of such compliance order or notice of violation and fully accepting the responsibility without condition for making the corrections or repairs required by such compliance order or notice of violation. In lieu of the above, the owner/seller, prior to sale, transfer, mortgage, contract for deed or other disposal of the affected property, may post a bond with the Metro Government for an amount of 150% of the costs to abate all known violations. (The "costs of repair” shall be agreed upon by the Code Official and the owner/seller, prior to the posting of the bond.) Upon abatement of all violations, the bond will be released.
   (D)   Identification of responsible local agent. There shall be a current notice posted at the on-site management office or in conspicuous places on site (available to all tenants) within ten feet of entrance to structure providing the name, address and telephone number of a 24 hours/7 days a week maintenance and emergency repair service company, the owner must supply the lessee in writing the name, address, and phone number of an individual that is responsible for the maintenance of the property in accordance with the code. The owner must keep the lessee informed of any change of this information to insure it is always current.
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