(A)   General.  The Department of Property Maintenance Inspection is hereby created and the executive official in charge thereof shall be known as the Code Official.
   (B)   Appointment.  The Code Official shall be appointed by the chief appointing authority of the jurisdiction; and the Code Official shall not be removed from office except for cause and after full opportunity to be heard on specific and relevant charges by and before the appointing authority.
   (C)   Deputies.  In accordance with the prescribed procedure of this jurisdiction and with the concurrence of the appointing authority, the Code Official shall have the authority to appoint a Deputy Code Official, other related technical offices, inspectors and other employees.
   (D)   Restriction of employees.  An official or employee connected with the enforcement of this chapter, except one whose only connection is that of a member of the Code Enforcement Board, as set forth in § 32.278, as the case may be, shall not be engaged in, or directly connected with, the furnishing of labor, materials or appliances for the construction, alteration, or maintenance of a building, or the preparation of construction documents thereof, unless that person is the owner of the building; nor shall such officer or employee engage in any work that conflicts with official duties or with the interests of the department.
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