(A)   Facilities required. Every occupied building shall be provided with an electrical system in compliance with the requirements of this section and § 156.184.
   (B)   Service. The size and usage of appliances and equipment shall serve as a basis for determining the need for additional facilities in accordance with the ICC Electrical Code. Dwelling units shall be served by a three-wire, 120/240 volt, single- phase electrical service having a rating of not less than 60 amperes.
   (C)   Electrical system hazards. Where it is found that the electrical system in a structure constitutes a hazard to the occupants or the structure by reason of inadequate service, improper/inadequate over-current protection, insufficient receptacle and lighting outlets, improper or unsafe-wiring or installation, makeshift wiring or improper/inappropriate use of electrical extension cords, deterioration or damage, or for similar reasons, the Code Official shall require the defects to be corrected to eliminate the hazard.
(Jeff. Ord. 37-2002, adopted and effective 11-12-2002; Lou. Metro Am. Ord. No. 125-2007, approved 7-2-2007)