(A)   Mechanical appliances. All mechanical appliances, fireplaces, solid fuel-burning appliances, cooking appliances and water heating appliances shall be properly installed and maintained in a safe working condition, and shall be capable of performing the intended function.
   (B)   Removal of combustion products. All fuel-burning equipment and appliances shall be connected to an approved chimney or vent except that fuel-burning equipment and those appliances, which are labeled for unvented operation.
   (C)   Clearances. All required clearances to combustible materials shall be maintained.
   (D)   Safety controls. All safety controls for fuel-burning equipment shall be maintained in effective operation.
   (E)   Combustion air. A supply of air for complete combustion of the fuel and for ventilation of the space containing the fuel-burning equipment shall be provided for the fuel-burning equipment.
   (F)   Energy conservation devices. Devices intended to reduce fuel consumption by attachment to a fuel-burning appliance, to the fuel supply line thereto, or to the vent outlet or vent piping therefrom, shall not be installed unless labeled for such purpose and the installation is specifically approved.
(Jeff. Ord. 37-2002, adopted and effective 11-12-2002; Lou. Metro Am. Ord. No. 125-2007, approved 7-2-2007)