(A)   Removal.  The Department  may order the removal of any sign that is not maintained in accordance with the provisions of this chapter.
   (B)   Maintenance.  All signs, for which a permit is required or which are regulated by the Land Development Code, together with all their supports, braces, guys, and anchors shall be maintained in a safe manner  and when constructed of materials which require protection from the elements shall be protection from the elements to prevent corrosion.
   (C)   Housekeeping.  It shall be the duty and responsibility of the owner or lessee of every sign to maintain the immediate premises occupied by the sign in a clean, sanitary, and healthful condition.
   (D)   Inspection.  Once installed, the owner of the sign shall notify the Department of the same within 48 hours.  Upon notification, the Department shall perform an inspection of the sign to insure its installation was done in accordance to the approved plans and permits.
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