(A)   The applicant shall have two years, as approved by the Codes and Regulations Department, in which to complete the improvements unless granted an extension by the Codes and Regulations Department. In no case shall the application be extended beyond two additional years.
   (B)   Upon notice by the applicant to the Codes and Regulations Department that the work has been completed on the property, that office shall conduct an on-site inspection of the property to certify that the improvements described in the application have been completed. With regard to work completed on historic sites and structures, the Codes and Regulations Department shall require conformance with the certificate of approval issued by the Louisville/Jefferson County Metro Historic Landmarks and Preservation Districts Commission as contained in § 154.04(A)(5). The Codes and Regulations Department shall then certify to the Property Valuation Administrator that the improvements have been completed and the moratorium certificate shall be issued. However, no moratorium certificate will be issued on property in which there are delinquent Metro Government tax bills.
(1994 Jeff. Code, § 154.06) (Jeff. Ord. 10-1983, adopted and effective 6-28-1983; Lou. Metro Am. Ord. No. 114-2007, approved 7-2-2007)