(A)   The Chief of the Metro Police Department (hereafter, the "Chief") or his or her representative is authorized, on behalf of the Metro Government, to petition in Jefferson Circuit or District Courts for the receipt of property subject to forfeiture pursuant to state law. All property obtained by forfeiture may be retained by the Metro Police Department and shall be used and disposed of as is all other Jefferson County property, unless otherwise provided by statute, ordinance, or resolution.
   (B)   The Metro Police Department shall maintain a current list which sufficiently describes each item of property obtained by forfeiture, including, when available, the make, model, year, manufacturer's identification or serial number, estimated fair market value, and intended use or disposition of the property. Before any property is used for official purposes, the Chief shall verify that, where necessary, all property is sufficiently listed for purposes of insurance.
   (C)   Proceeds from the sale of any property obtained through forfeiture shall be deposited as follows:
      (1)   The proceeds from the sale of property obtained through forfeiture pursuant to KRS 500.090 shall be deposited in the general fund of the Metro Government.
      (2)   Pursuant to state law, proceeds from the sale of property obtained through forfeiture pursuant to KRS 218A.435 shall be paid to the State Treasurer for deposit to the general fund after the payment of all proper expenses of the proceedings for forfeiture and sale, including expenses of seizure, maintenance of custody, advertising, and court costs.
      (3)   Pursuant to state law, moneys forfeited pursuant to the Kentucky Penal Code shall be paid to the state.
      (4)   Moneys forfeited pursuant to KRS 218A.435 shall be deposited into a Narcotics Investigation Fund of the Metro Government, to be appropriated as deemed necessary by the Metro Council to the Metro Police Department for official use. Moneys in this fund shall not lapse, but shall continue in the fund until appropriated as herein provided.
(1999 Lou. Code, § 130.30)  (Lou. Res. 234-1980, approved 11-14-1980; Lou. Am. Res. 277-1981, approved 11-25-1981; Lou. Metro Am. Ord. No. 35-2007, approved 3-26-2007)