(A)   The owner/operator shall, by certified check made payable to the Louisville Metro Government, submit fees in accordance with the following schedule:
      (1)   At the time of submission of the petition for site approval an initial fee of $10,000, along with a letter of credit for, or actual cost deposit of, $90,000;
      (2)   At the conclusion of the review process, the Mayor, or Metro Council, shall tender to the owner/operator a statement setting out the actual cost incurred by Louisville Metro Government for the use of the consultant, which shall be payable upon receipt; and
      (3)   The total fee shall not exceed $100,000 or the actual cost of the consultant, whichever is less.
   (B)   The Metro Council shall utilize a qualified consultant to assist it in evaluation of the petition for site approval, and in reviewing the facility impact report and all other information considered as a part of the review process. The fees paid pursuant to this chapter shall be used to defray the cost of such consultant.
(1994 Jeff. Code, § 120.31)  (Jeff. Ord. 26-1988, adopted and effective 10-25-1988; Lou. Metro Am. Ord. No. 165-2005, approved 10-18-2005)  Penalty, see § 120.99