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   (Amended by Ord. No. 111,348, Eff. 7/4/58.)
   (a)   “BOARD” means the Board of Police Commissioners unless otherwise designated.
   (b)   “DANCING ACADEMY” means a regularly established place of business maintained and conducted principally for the purpose of giving instructions in dancing.
   (c)   “DANCE HALL” means any place where the holding or conducting of public dances is regularly carried on.
   (d)   “DANCING CLUB” means any club or association of persons which conducts dances, other than public dances, for its members or bona fide guests more than once per month at which a fee is charged, either for an admission to such dance or for dancing therein, or at which any collection or donation of money is made or received, or in which the amount of dues to be paid by each member is dependent upon attendance at such dances by such member.
   (e)   “PUBLIC DANCES” means gathering of persons in or upon any premises where dancing is participated in and to which premises the public is admitted.