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   1   Assessment Investment Fund
   2   General Demand Fund
   3   General Reimbursement Fund
   3.5   General Obligation Bond Funds
   3.7   Judgment Obligation Bonds Special Funds
   4   Proposition A Local Transit Assistance Fund
   4.5   Senior Transportation, 12th District Trust Fund
   5   Salvage Trust Fund
   5.5   Telecommunications Fund
   6   Improvement Assessment Revolving Trust Fund
   7   Temporary Erosion Control Devices Revolving Trust Fund
   8   General Payroll and Reimbursement Fund
   9   Local Assistance Trust Fund
   10   Public Works Employment Act of 1976 - Title II Trust Fund
   11   Cultural Affairs Department Trust Fund
   12   Receipt of Gifts by the Fire Department and Establishment of Fire Department Trust Fund
   12.1   Establishment of Programs for People With Disabilities Trust Fund and Receipt of Gifts by the Office of Department on Disability
   12.5   Rent Stabilization Trust Fund
   12.6   Capri Clean-up Trust Fund
   12.7   Earthquake Preparedness Fund
   12.8   Coral Tree Trimming Trust Fund
   12.9   Curbside Recycling Trust Fund
   13   Department of Transportation Trust Fund
   13.5   Coastal Transportation Corridor Fund
   13.6   West Los Angeles Transportation Improvement and Mitigation Fund
   13.7   Off-site Sign Periodic Inspection Fee Trust Fund
   13.8   Century City Neighborhood Traffic Protection Trust Fund
   13.9   Neighborhood Traffic Management Fund
   13.10   Department of Transportation Expedited Fee Trust Fund
   14   Trust Fund for Monies Seized Incidental to Arrests
   15   Watts Towers Restoration, Maintenance and Preservation Trust Fund
   16   Fire Hydrant Installation and Main Replacement Fund
   17   Receipt of Forfeited Assets and Establishment of Forfeited Assets Trust Funds
   18   Parking Violation Trust Fund
   19   Receipt of Analysis Fees and Establishment of the Narcotics Analysis Laboratory Trust Fund of the Police Department
   21   Arts and Cultural Facilities and Services Trust Fund
   22   Granada Hills – Knollwood District Plan Amendment – Circulation Study and Infrastructure Improvement Fund
   23   Central City West Housing Trust Fund
   24   Griffith Observatory Trust Fund
   25   Mello-Roos Special Tax Funds
   26   Bicycle Plan Trust Fund
   27   Clean Up and Green Up Trust Fund
   28   Foreclosure Registry Program Fund
   30   Medi-Cal Intergovernmental Transfer Program Trust Fund
   31   City Attorney Community Justice Initiative (CJI) Trust Fund
   32   Victim Services Trust Fund