(a)   Applications for licenses for peddlers or solicitors shall be filed with the Village Clerk, or his/her designee, on a form [see attachment] supplied by the Village Clerk, which shall require, at least the following information:
      (1)   The name of the applicant and a photo copy of the applicant’s State or Federally issued identification card;
      (2)   The home address of the applicant and his social security number;
      (3)   The name and address of the person by whom the applicant is employed or for whom he is soliciting or peddling;
      (4)   The length of the applicant’s service with such employer or person for whom he is soliciting or peddling;
      (5)   The nature and character of the goods to be sold or services to be furnished by the applicant or the purpose for which funds are being solicited;
      (6)   The names of other municipalities in which the applicant has recently conducted activities for which a license is herein required;
      (7)   That the applicant or his employer has complied with the requirements of Ohio R.C. Chapter 1716 pertaining to charitable solicitations, if applicable.
      (8)   A Bureau of Commercial Investigation (“BCI”) and/or Federal Bureau of Investigation (“FBI”) background check completed by an outside company, paid for by the applicant, and completed within 120-days of the application or renewal being sought.
   (b)    If the Clerk or his/her designee determines after an investigation, that the information furnished under the requirements of subsection (a) hereof is correct, the applicant proposes to engage in a lawful commercial or professional enterprise and neither the applicant nor the enterprise upon which the applicant proposes to engage constitutes a clear and present danger to the residents of the Municipality, he shall issue a license to the applicant.
(Ord. 56-2017. Passed 10-2-17.)