18 Min. lot area per dwelling unit.
19 Refers to total project area to be developed.
20 All single-family detached and two-family lots within the Residential Districts shall have a depth of at least 120 ft.
21 Net acre shall be calculated as the total site acreage, less the area occupied by wetlands and street right-of-way or street easements.
22 Maximum five (5) attached dwellings per building.
23 Maximum five (5) attached dwellings and 12 multiple dwelling units per building.
24 Refers to area occupied by commercial, office or institutional uses and associated parking, not including required open space. Accessory business uses entirely within a principal use such as golf course pro shops, employee day care or hair salons for residents of a retirement community shall not be counted toward the non-residential area requirements.
25 Minimum setbacks shall not be applied to individual lots within the development; provided, all greenway and buffer requirements specified in Chapter 1147 shall apply to property abutting the perimeter of the mixed-use development and any public street.
26 Minimum side and rear setback abutting a residential zoning district shall be 50 ft. in the I-1 and 75 ft. in the I-2 District.
27 A minimum separation of 20 ft. shall be maintained between ends of contiguous buildings.
28 Hospitals may be a maximum of 100 feet or eight (8) stories.
29 Required open space may include the following if generally accessible to all users of mixed-use development: parks, landscaped buffer areas, lakes, rooftop gardens, plazas, city squares, playgrounds and recreation areas, outdoor sports facilities, surface easements for drainage facilities and pedestrian walkways or paths; provided, the requirements of Section 1129.04 shall be met.
(Ord. 4-21.  Passed 1-4-21.)