OCCUPANCY: The portion of a building or premises owned, leased, rented, or otherwise occupied for a given use.
   OVERLAY DISTRICT: A zoning district superimposed upon one (1) or more other zoning districts and which applies supplementary regulations to land within the overlay area.
   OWNER: A person, firm, partnership, corporation or other entity holding an interest in real property and shown as such on official records. For the purposes of this Ordinance, the owner of property on which a sign is located is presumed to be the owner of the sign unless facts to the contrary are officially recorded or otherwise brought to the attention of the Zoning Administrator, e.g., a sign leased from a sign company.
   PARCEL: A unit of land as defined in a single deed recorded in the office of the Recorder in Lorain County, Ohio. The description as specified in each recorded deed shall constitute a parcel of land for the purpose of this Ordinance. Provided further, that two (2) or more adjoining parcels in common ownership which are physically unified by the existence of a common structure or development located thereon shall constitute and be considered as one (1) parcel for the purpose of this Ordinance.
   PARKING: The temporary, transient storage of motor vehicles used for transportation, while their operators are engaged in other activities. It shall not include storage of new or used motor vehicles for sale, services, rental or any other purpose other than specified above.
   PARKING SPACE: The space required to park one vehicle, exclusive of driveways and access aisles, in accordance with the requirements of this Ordinance.
   PARKING STRUCTURE: A manmade building, consisting of one or more floors, designed and intended for the parking of motor vehicles.
   PERMIT: An official authorization, issued by a representative of the City, to conduct a specified activity under the provisions of this Ordinance.
   PERMITTED USE: A use of property specifically allowed within a zoning district wherever that district exists in the City; provided, all dimensional and other requirements applicable to that district are satisfied.
   PERSON: Any person, individual, firm, partnership, association, corporation, company or organization, singular or plural, of any kind, including sole proprietors, nonprofits, two (2) or more individuals having a joint or common interest, joint venture, trust, estate, commission, board, public or private institution, utility, cooperative, state agency, municipality or other political subdivision of the State of Ohio, any interstate body or any other legal entity or any other form of business organization.
   PERSONAL SERVICES: Any business whose principal activity is the provision of individualized services to the general public, such as barbershop, beauty shop, dry cleaning pickup, printing and photocopying and tailors.
   PLACE OF RELIGIOUS WORSHIP: A building or structure, or groups of buildings or structures which, by design and construction, are primarily intended for conducting organized religious services and associated accessory uses that are noncommercial in nature.
   PRINCIPAL BUILDING: The building in which the principal use of the lot or parcel is located.
   PROJECT: The entire proposed development project regardless of the size of the area of land to be disturbed.
   RECREATIONAL VEHICLE: Vehicles or equipment used primarily for recreational purposes, including, but not limited to, motor homes, travel trailers, camper trailers, pop-up campers, boats, off-road vehicles, dune buggies, personal watercraft, snow mobiles and the trailers used to transport them.
   RECYCLING CENTER: Any one or any combination of the following where recycling materials are processed to the extent indicated:
   (1)    COLLECTION CENTER: A site where recyclable goods are accepted and removed to a processing center on a semi-weekly basis at a minimum.
   (2)   PROCESSING CENTER: A site where recyclable materials are separated and refined for shipment or delivery to a recycling plant.
   (3)   RECYCLING PLANT: A site where recyclable materials are refined directly into raw materials.
   (4)   MATERIALS RECOVERY FACILITY: A facility where recyclable materials are separated and processed from common household and commercial solid waste.
   RESIDENTIAL SOCIAL SERVICES FACILITY. A facility or home which provides resident services to a group of individuals of whom one or more are unrelated, and which may provide additional supervised programming services. Groups served may include the mentally retarded or handicapped, juvenile offenders, drug or alcohol offenders, releasees from state institutions, or wards of the court or welfare system. The category includes, but is not limited to, facilities licensed, supervised, or sponsored by any political subdivision or judicial authority. The category includes, but is not limited to, facilities commonly referred to as "halfway houses" or "group homes
   RESTAURANT, STANDARD: A building or part of a building where food is prepared and served for compensation on the premises and more than half the revenue is obtained from the sale of food.
   RESTAURANT, DRIVE-THROUGH:  A restaurant whose method of operation involves the delivery of prepared food to the customer in a motor vehicle, typically though a drive-through window, for consumption off the premises.  A drive-through restaurant may also have indoor seating.
   RETIREMENT COMMUNITY: A planned community for residents who have retired from an active working life and may contain a variety of housing types to accommodate varying needs and life stages, including independent living units, assisted living and nursing care.
   RIGHT OF WAY LINE. A line which establishes boundary of land within an area which is dedicated, reserved by deed or granted by easement for street purposes.
(Ord. 4-21.  Passed 1-4-21.)