KENNEL: Any place or premises where four (4) or more dogs or cats over four (4) months of age are kept.
   LANDSCAPE MATERIALS: Any combination of living plant materials and nonliving materials such as rocks, pebbles, wood chips, mulch and pavers, and decorative features, including sculpture, patterned walks, fountains, and pools.
   LOT: A developed or undeveloped parcel or tract of land in one ownership, legally transferable as a single unit of land. Also means a parcel.
   (1)   LOT, CORNER: A lot having contiguous frontage on two (2) intersecting streets if the interior angle at the intersection of those streets is less than 135 degrees.  A lot abutting a curved street shall be considered a corner lot if the arc is of less radius than 150 feet and the tangents to the curve, at the two points where the lot lines meet the curve or the straight street line extended, form an interior angle of less than 135 degrees.
   (2)   LOT, INTERIOR: A lot, the side lines of which do not abut on a street.
   (3)   LOT, THROUGH: An interior lot having frontage on two (2) streets that are approximately parallel.
   (4)   LOT, FLAG: A lot with access provided to the bulk of the lot by means of a narrow corridor.
   LOT AREA: The total horizontal area within the lot lines of the lot, excluding any street right-of-way or easement dedicated for street purposes.
   LOT DEPTH: The horizontal distance between the front and rear lot lines, measured along the midpoint between the side lot lines.
   (1)   LOT LINE, FRONT: That lot line separating the lot from the street right-of-way or street easement.  Through lots have two (2) front lot lines. The front lot line of a corner lot shall be the shortest lot line abutting a street.
   (2)   LOT LINE, REAR: The lot line opposite and most distant from the front lot line. In the case of a triangular or gore-shaped lot where the two (2) side lot lines converge in the rear, the rear lot line shall be considered to be an imaginary line 10 feet long within the lot, parallel to and at the maximum distance from the front lot line.  A through lot has no rear lot line.
   (3)   LOT LINE, SIDE: Any lot line other than a front or rear lot line. A side lot line separating a lot from a street is a street side lot line. A side lot line separating a lot from another lot or plots is an interior side lot line.
   LOT WIDTH: The horizontal distance between the side lot lines of a lot measured at the two points where the required front setback line intersects the side lot lines.
   MANUFACTURED HOME: A factory-built, single-family structure, transportable in one or more sections, which is built on a chassis and designed to be used as a dwelling with or without permanent foundation, when connected to the required utilities and includes the plumbing, heating, air-conditioning, and electrical systems contained in the structure.  This definition shall not include any vehicle designed and used as temporary living quarters for recreational, camping, or travel purposes, including a vehicle having its own motor power or a vehicle moved on or drawn by another vehicle.
   MANUFACTURED HOME PARK OR COMMUNITY: A parcel (or contiguous parcels) of land divided into two or more lots to be rented or sold for installation of manufactured homes.
   MICRO-BREWERY:  A business establishment engaged in making specialty beer in limited quantities for sale, in accordance with Ohio law.
   NONCONFORMING BUILDING OR STRUCTURE: A building or structure or portion thereof lawfully existing at the effective date of this Ordinance or amendments thereto, but no longer conforming to the current provisions of the Ordinance with respect to such requirements as height, size, setbacks, access, materials or landscaping.
   NONCONFORMING LOT: A lot lawfully existing at the time it was created that does not conform to the current lot area and/or width requirements of this Ordinance.
   NONCONFORMING USE: A use lawfully occupying a structure or land at the time of adoption or subsequent amendment of this Ordinance which is not permitted in the district in which the use is located.
   NURSERY SCHOOL: A place for the day care and instruction of children not remaining overnight.
   NURSING HOME: A home for the aged, chronically ill or incurable persons, licensed by the Ohio Department of Public Welfare, in which three (3) or more persons, not of the immediate family, are received, kept or provided with food and shelter or care for compensation; but not including hospitals, clinics, or similar institutions devoted primarily to the diagnosis and treatment of the sick or injured.
(Ord. 4-21.  Passed 1-4-21.)