(a)   Uncompleted Structures. If a permitted construction project remains dormant for more than twelve (12) months, the building permit and all other permits shall become null and void. The owner of such uncompleted structure may maintain the structure in its existing condition for up to twelve (12) months while awaiting new permits. If the applicant does not receive the necessary permits within the twelve (12) month period, the uncompleted structure shall be removed. The council, may grant one (1) extension of up to twelve (12) additional months where it is found that circumstances beyond the owner's control such as extreme weather conditions, availability of materials or labor shortages have caused delays.
   (b)   Errors and Violations. The issuance or granting of a permit or approval of plans or specifications shall not be considered as approval for any violation of any provision in this Ordinance. No permit presuming to give the authority to violate or cancel any provision of this Ordinance shall be valid.
   (c)   Illegal Nonconformity. Any lot, use, building or structure established in violation of the provisions of this Ordinance or any prior ordinance or amendment shall not be considered a legal nonconformity and shall not be entitled to the provisions, remedies and safeguards of this chapter.  (Ord. 4-21.  Passed 1-4-21.)