1153.01  PURPOSE.
   (a)   It is recognized that there exist within zoning districts certain lots, buildings, structures and uses which were lawful before this Ordinance was passed or amended, but are now prohibited, regulated or restricted under the terms of this Ordinance. It is the intent to permit these legal nonconformities to continue until they are removed, but not to encourage their survival.
   (b)   Nonconforming lots, buildings, structures and uses are declared by this Ordinance to be incompatible with the provisions of the districts in which they are located. It is the intent of this Ordinance that these nonconformities shall not be enlarged upon, expanded, or extended, except as otherwise permitted in this chapter, nor be used as grounds for adding other buildings, structures or uses otherwise prohibited in the district.
   (c)   Nothing in this Ordinance shall be deemed to require a change in the plans, construction or designated use of any building on which actual construction was lawfully begun prior to the effective date of adoption or amendment of this Ordinance and upon which actual building construction has been diligently conducted.
   (d)   Nothing in this Ordinance shall be interpreted as authorization for, or approval of, the continuance of the use of a structure or premises in violation of zoning regulation in effect at the time of the adoption of this Ordinance.
(Ord. 4-21.  Passed 1-4-21.)