1141.26  SIMILAR USES.
   Every type of potential use cannot be addressed in this Ordinance, each district provides for "similar uses" referencing this section.  All requests for a use not specifically addressed in any zoning district shall be submitted to the Zoning Administrator for review, based on the following standards.
   (a)   A finding has been made by the Zoning Administrator that the proposed use is not listed as a permitted or conditional use in any zoning district.
   (b)   If the use is not addressed in this Ordinance, the Zoning Administrator shall select the use listed which most closely approximates the proposed use, using criteria such as the nature of the use, conformance with the purpose of the zoning district in which it is proposed, aesthetics, traffic characteristics, and potential nuisance effects (noise, vibration, dust, smoke, odor, glare, hours of operation).
   (c)   Once a similar use is determined, the proposed use shall comply with any conditions and review procedures that may apply to that use, including the conditional use requirements of Chapter 1143, as applicable.
   (d)   If the Zoning Administrator determines a proposed use is not similar to any use addressed in the Ordinance, the applicant may petition for an amendment to the ordinance, as described in Chapter 1177.
   (e)   The determination as to whether a proposed use is similar in nature and class to another permitted or conditional use within a district shall be considered as an expansion of the use regulations, not a variance applying to a particular situation.  Any use determined by the Zoning Administrator to be similar shall thereafter be included in the enumeration of the uses.
      (Ord. 4-21.  Passed 1-4-21.)