(a)   OS, Open Space District. Recognizing the importance of protecting and retaining large expanses of open lands that are devoted to environmental, leisure or related functions, this district is established to protect those areas and ensure that any change in their future use will necessitate a thorough review and amendment to the zoning regulations.  In most cases, uses such as golf courses abut or are surrounded by residential neighborhoods that benefit from the serenity, openness and increased value that the areas afford.  The loss of those assets could have a profound negative imp0act on the abutting lands and, therefore, their conversion to other purposes must be scrutinized in advance of any change.
   (b)   HMD, Hospital Medical District. The HMD Hospital Medical District is established to provide for hospital and medical facilities development with related hospital and medical oriented uses that complement each other in terms of functions being performed. This district shall be regulated and mapped to recognize the need for future expansion of present hospital and medical facilities and to provide for hospital related medical facilities.
   (c)   DR-O, Design Review Overlay District. This district is established in recognition that several areas within the city's core contain a wealth of historic and architectural resources that contribute to the richness of the community's character and enhance the overall heritage of the city, county and state.  Some of these assets are concentrated together in blocks or other relatively contiguous groupings, while others are located on scattered sites in or near the central business district.  This overlay district is established to allow the underlying districts to regulate use while ensuring an added level of review and control will be exercised to safeguard the historic and aesthetic importance of significant structures and places.
(Ord. 4-21.  Passed 1-4-21.)