1302.11  APPEALS.
   Any person aggrieved by an order of the Fire Chief, or whenever the Fire Chief fails to approve a Vacant Building Plan as required in Section 1302.07 of this chapter, may file an appeal using the following process:
   (a)   Appeals concerning the interpretation or enforcement of Chapter 1302 of the Lorain Codified Ordinances may be made by any person affected or aggrieved by any decision of the Fire Chief to the City of Lorain Housing Board of Appeals.
   (b)   Such appeal shall be made within twenty days after the decision by filing with the Fire Chief a written notice of appeal specifying the grounds upon which the appeal is being made.  The notice of appeal shall be accompanied by a filing fee as established in Chapter 1219 of the Lorain Codified Ordinances.  In the event no filing fee is set forth in Chapter 1219 for the filing of an appeal pursuant to this section of the Lorain Codified Ordinances, the filing fee for the appeal shall be one hundred fifty dollars ($150.00).
   (c)   Within seven days of receiving a notice of appeal, the Fire Chief shall transmit a copy of the notice, along with all papers relating to the appealed action, to the Secretary of the Housing Board of Appeals who shall present the appeal to the Board at the next scheduled meeting of the Board.
   (d)   Appeals from the Board’s decisions shall be made to the Court of Common Pleas.
      (Ord.  145-19.  Passed 11-4-19.)