(a)    Content. Whenever the Fire Chief determines that there is a violation of the provisions of this Chapter, he shall give notice of such violation to the person or persons responsible therefore and order compliance, as herein provided. Such notice and order shall:
      (1)    Be in writing;
      (2)    Include a description of the real estate sufficient for identification which includes but is not limited to permanent parcel number or address;
      (3)    Include a statement of the violation or violations, refer to the sections and divisions violated, and order remedial action which will effect compliance with the provisions of this Chapter;
      (4)   Include a correction order allowing a reasonable time to bring the property into compliance with the provisions of this Chapter;
      (5)    State the right of the violator to file an appeal of the notice and order with the Fire Prevention Board of Appeal in the manner and within the time limitations provided for in Chapter 1301 Ohio Fire Code;
      (6)    Include a statement that any action taken by the City on such property shall be charged against the real estate upon which the structure is located and shall be a lien upon such real estate.
   (b)    Service. A notice of violation shall be deemed to be properly served if one or more of the following methods are used:
      (1)   By personal delivery to the owner or occupant or person in control of the property or by leaving the notice at the property with a person of suitable age and discretion; or
      (2)    By certified mail, return receipt requested, to the person or persons responsible at their last known address. If the certified mail is returned unclaimed, the service shall be sent by ordinary U.S. mail and the mailing shall be evidenced by a certificate of mailing. If the certified mail is returned undeliverable, a copy shall be posted in a conspicuous place in or on the property found in violation.
         (Ord. 69-16.  Passed 7-5-16.)