(a)    Authority of Inspection  Department.  All electrical wiring and equipment installed, altered, replaced or repaired in or about any building, structure or premises within the City shall be subject to inspection and approval by the Electrical Inspection Department.
   (b)    Wiring to Be Left Open Until Inspection.  No electrical wiring or parts thereof shall be covered or concealed until the Electrical Inspection Department has approved the installation and given permission to cover or conceal same. It shall be the duty of the person obtaining the permit to give twenty-four hours' notice to the Electrical Inspection Department when work is ready for inspection. Work shall be inspected as soon as possible after receipt of such notice, and, when found to conform to the provisions of this Electrical Code, an official notice of approval shall be posted in a conspicuous place by the inspector.
   (c)    Final Inspection; Certificate of Approval.  All work covered by this Electrical Code shall be submitted for final inspection and approval before being placed in service. If the electrical wiring and equipment are found to be complete and in conformity with all provisions of this Electrical Code, a certificate of approval shall be issued by the Electrical Inspection Department.
   (d)    Tests for Conformity.  Tests necessary to verify that an installation is in conformity with the requirements of this Electrical Code shall be performed in the presence of an authorized inspector of the Electrical Inspection Department, and any equipment, material, power and labor necessary for such tests shall be furnished by the holder of the permit.
   (e)    Incompleteness or Nonconformity; Corrections; Stop Work Order. When  inspection shows work submitted for inspection is incomplete or not in conformity with requirements of this Electrical Code, the permit holder shall make the necessary corrections or additions within seventy-two hours and resubmit the work for inspection. Failure to correct rejected work shall be cause for issuance of a stop work order on the entire project.
   (f)    Reinspections.  The Electrical Inspection Department may reinspect the electrical wiring and equipment in all commercial buildings annually and in all other buildings and structures at least once every three years, excepting one and two-family dwellings  which may be reinspected whenever vacated and before being reoccupied by new owners or tenants.
   (g)    Time Limit for Repairs or Modifications.  When wiring, devices and/or apparatus are found, upon reinspection, to be defective or in any unsafe or nonconforming condition, the necessary repairs or modifications shall be made by the person owning, using or operating same, and such necessary repairs or changes shall be made within ten days. Reasonable extensions of time may be allowed by the Electrical Inspection Department when repairs or modifications as required are begun within the ten-day period, but this work must be carried to completion without undue delay.
(Ord. 2-01.  Passed 1-16-01.)