(a)   The inspectors of the Division of Buildings may enter upon any premises at any reasonable time in the performance of their duties in the enforcement of the City Building Codes, except that no such inspector shall enter a part of a building which is “private” (not normally subject to common use by those who occupy or enter the building) and occupied until he has shown his credentials to the occupant thereof and secured his permission to enter such private part of the building.
   (b)   The inspector may enter private parts of a building after permission to enter is obtained from the occupant  or, in the case of unoccupied property, from the owner or his agent.  If such permission is refused or is otherwise unobtainable, a search warrant shall be obtained before such entry or inspection is made, except in the case of an existing emergency in which case entry may be made at any time and no search warrant is necessary.
   (c)   Before entering upon a premises or while on a premises in the performance of his duties in the enforcement of the City Building Codes, an inspector of the Division shall show his credentials upon request by the owner of the premises involved or by the contractor performing work on such premises.
   (d)   No person shall refuse to permit such emergency entry or inspection, nor shall any person hinder, obstruct, resist or abuse any person making or attempting to make such entry or inspection.  (Ord. 167-79.  Passed 8-6-79.)