(a)   Creation.  The office of Chief Building Inspector is hereby created.
   (b)   Appointment.  The Chief Building Inspector shall be appointed under the classified service, by the Director of Public Service and Safety and be under his general control.  His appointment shall continue during good behavior and satisfactory service.  He shall not be removed from office except as provided by rules of the classified service.
   (c)   Substitute.  During temporary absence or disability of the Chief Building Inspector, the Director of Public Service and Safety shall designate a substitute to act in matters that require prompt official attention.
(Ord. 167-79.  Passed 8-6-79.)
   (d)   Qualifications.  To be eligible to appointment, the Chief Building Inspector and Assistant Building Inspector shall be an architect or professional engineer registered in the State of Ohio having at least five years of experience in building construction and design, or a person having at least ten years of experience in building construction, design or inspection.  He shall be generally informed on the quality and strength of materials and all phases of building construction.
   He shall pass in a satisfactory manner the examinations in such matters, and in building design, mathematics and general learning propounded by the Civil Service Commission of the City.
   He shall be in good health, physically capable of making the necessary examinations and inspections of buildings in course of construction.
(Ord. 144-83.  Passed 9-19-83.)
   He shall not have any interest whatsoever, directly or indirectly, in the sale or manufacture of any material, process or device entering into or used in or in connection with building construction.  He shall devote his entire time and attention to the duties of the position, to the exclusion of every other business or calling.
(Ord. 167-79.  Passed 8-6-79.)
   (e)   Duties.  The Chief Building Inspector shall receive applications required by this chapter, issue permits and furnish the prescribed certificates.  When permits shall be issued, immediate written notice is to be given to inspectors of other departments.  He shall examine premises for which permits have been issued and shall make necessary inspections to see that the provisions of law are complied with and that construction is prosecuted safely.  He shall enforce all laws relating to the construction, alteration, repair, removal, demolition, equipment, use and occupancy, location and maintenance of buildings and structures, except as may be otherwise provided for.  He shall, when requested by the Mayor or Council, or when the interests of the City so require, make investigations in connection with matters referred to in this chapter and render written reports on the same.
   For the purpose of enforcing compliance with law, to removal illegal or unsafe conditions, to secure the necessary safeguards during construction, or to require adequate exit facilities in existing buildings and structures, he shall issue such notices or orders as may be necessary.
   (f)   Inspections.  Inspections required under the provisions of the Building Codes shall be made by the Chief Building Inspector or a duly appointed assistant, provided that he may accept reports of inspectors of recognized inspection services, after investigation of their qualifications and reliability.  But no certificate called for by any provision of this section or the Building Codes shall be based on such reports unless the same are in writing and certified by a responsible officer of such services.
   (g)   Rules.
      (1)   For carrying into effect its provisions, the Chief Building Inspector shall adopt rules as prescribed in this section or the Building Codes and consistent therewith, it being the intent of this requirement that the standards of Federal or State agencies or national technical organizations, as the same may be amended from time to time, shall serve as a guide in fixing the minimum rules of practice under this section.
      (2)   For the purpose of securing for the public the benefits of new developments in the building industry and yet insuring public safety, he shall make or cause to be made investigations, or may accept duly authenticated reports from reliable sources, of new materials or modes of construction, intended for use in the construction or buildings or structures in the City which are not provided for in this section  or the Building Codes, and shall promulgate rules setting forth the conditions under which such materials or modes of construction may be used.
      (3)   Any rules shall be in written form and open to public inspection.
      (4)   Rules adopted and promulgated as herein provided shall have the same force and effect as provisions of ordinances.
      (5)   Any rule may be amended or repealed by the same procedure prescribed for the adoption of new rules.
   (h)   Records and Reports.
      (1)   The Chief Building Inspector shall keep careful and comprehensive records of applications of permits issued, of certificates issued, of inspections made, of reports rendered, and of notices or orders issued.  He shall retain on file copies of all papers in connection with building work so long as any part of the building or structure to which they relate may be in existence.
      (2)   All such records shall be open to public inspection at reasonable hours, but shall not be removed from the offices of the Division.
      (3)   The Chief Building Inspector shall make a report to the Director of Public Service and Safety once each month, and oftener if requested, including statements of permits and certificates issued, and orders promulgated.
      (4)   The Chief Building Inspector shall, on or before the first Monday in December of each year, make and file with the Director of Public Service and Safety, a carefully prepared itemized statement of the amount of money needed in the Division of Buildings for all purposes for the ensuing year, beginning on January 1 next.
   (i)   Cooperation of Other Officials.  The Chief Building Inspector may request and shall receive so far as may be necessary, in the discharge of his duties, the assistance and cooperation of the City Engineer in fixing grades, of the Chief of Police in enforcing orders, of the Director of Law in prosecuting violations, and of other City officials.
(Ord. 167-79.  Passed 8-6-79.)