(a)   The City hereby authorizes the procedures described in Ohio R.C. 3929.86(C) and (D) to be implemented whereby no insurance company doing business in the State shall pay a claim of a named insured for fire damage to a structure located within the Municipality unless the applicable provisions of Ohio R.C. 3929.86 are fully complied with.  The Fire Chief of the City of Lorain is hereby designated as the officer authorized to carry out the duties of Ohio R.C. 3929.86, save and except that the Treasurer of the City of Lorain shall be designated as the officer required to receive all funds payable to the City pursuant to the terms of Ohio R.C. 3929.86, which funds shall be placed in a separate fund to be used solely as security against the costs of removing, repairing, or securing incurred by the City pursuant to Ohio R.C. 715.261 and the Codified Ordinances of the City adopted pursuant thereto.
   (b)   The Fire Chief shall file a certified copy of this section with the State Superintendent of Insurance.  (Ord. 202-83.  Passed 12-20-83.)