(a)    Residential. The Contractor shall provide for the unlimited pickup including Bulky Waste, Recyclable Materials, Yard Waste, Garbage, Rubbish, and disposal of Residential Refuse from all single family, duplex and triplex residences at the rate of one (1) collection per week, per Residential Unit. Unlimited pickup does not include tires, hazardous waste, infectious waste (excluding infectious waste used in conjunction with one’s own care or treatment in a private residence), construction and demolition materials, and bulky waste not conforming to the Clean Air Act.
   (b)    The contractor may decide to suspend service and observe any or all of the following listed holidays: New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and/or Christmas Day. Such decision in no manner relieves the contractor of his obligation to provide collection service at least once per week.
(Ord. 242-98. Passed 11-16-98.)