A person commits the offense of interfering with a firefighter if at any time and place where any firefighter is discharging or attempting to discharge any official duties, the person willfully:
   (A)   Resists or interferes with the lawful efforts of any firefighter in the discharge or attempt to discharge an official duty;
   (B)   Disobeys the lawful orders given by any firefighter while performing his or her duties;
   (C)   Engages in any disorderly conduct which delays or prevents a fire from being extinguished within a reasonable time; or
   (D)   Forbids or prevents others from assisting or extinguishing a fire, or exhorts another person, as to whom he or she has no legal right or obligation to protect or control, not to assist in extinguishing a fire.
(Neb. RS 28-908)  Penalty, see § 10.99