A.   No building or structure shall be erected and no existing building or structure shall be moved, altered, added to or enlarged, nor shall any land, building, structure or premises be used or altered, for any purpose or in any manner other than the use listed in this title as permitted in the use zone in which such land, building, structure or premises is located. All land uses and structures not specifically mentioned as a permitted use or structure, accessory use or structure, or conditional use or structure shall be prohibited.
   B.   The permitted uses of land or buildings are only those specifically provided for in the sections describing each use zone and under the conditions provided for, except for uses lawfully established prior to the effective date hereof and within the limitations of chapter 16, "Nonconforming Uses And Structures", of this title.
   C.   No building or lot or tract of land shall be devoted to any use other than a use permitted hereinafter in the use zones in which such building, lot, or tract of land (or portion thereof) shall be located. (Ord. 849, 8-17-2009)