The OBC applies to all buildings except as follows:
   (a)   This code applies to detached single-family, two-family, and three-family dwellings and structures accessory to those dwellings, only to the extent indicated in section 310 of OAC § 4101:1-3-01;
   (b)   Buildings owned by and used for a function of the United States government;
   (c)   Buildings or structures which are incident to the use for agricultural purposes of the land on which said buildings or structures are located, provided such buildings or structures are not used in the business of retail trade; for the purposes of this section, a building or structure is not considered used in the business of retail trade if fifty per cent or more of the gross income received from sales of products in the building or structure by the owner or operator is from sales of products produced or raised in a normal crop year on farms owned or operated by the seller (see sections Ohio R.C. 3781.06 and 3781.061);
   (d)   Agricultural labor camps as defined in Ohio R.C. § 3733.41;
   (e)   Type A or Type B family day-care homes as defined by ORC § 5104.01;
   (f)   Buildings or structures which are designed, constructed, and maintained in accordance with federal standards and regulations and are used primarily for federal and state military purposes where the U.S. secretary of defense, pursuant to 10 U.S.C. Sections 18233(A)(1) and 18237, has acquired by purchase, lease, or transfer, and constructs, expands, rehabilitates, or corrects and equips, such buildings or structures as he determines to be necessary to carry out the purposes of Chapter 1803 of the U.S.C;
   (g)   Manufactured homes constructed under "24 CFR Part 3280," "Manufactured Home Construction and Safety Standards" and within the scope of the rules adopted by the Ohio Manufactured Home Commission;
   (h)   Sewerage systems, treatment works, and disposal systems (including the tanks, piping, and process equipment associated with these systems) regulated by the legislative authority of a municipal corporation or the governing board of a county or special district owning or operating a publicly owned treatment works or sewerage system as stated in division (A) of Ohio R.C. § 6111.032;
   (i)   Building sewer piping;
   (j)   Portable electric generators and wiring supplying carnival and amusement park rides regulated by the Ohio Department of Agriculture.
(OAC 4101:1-1-01, Section 101.2)  (Ord. 142-08.  Passed 6-5-08.)