As the Official Schedule of District Regulations provided in Section 1248.07 shows, various land uses (such as dwelling units, business, manufacturing and a public service facility) may be combined in a planned unit development. However, even though each use is to be treated as a conditionally permitted use, approval shall be made by the Planning Commission rather than by the Board of Zoning Appeals because a planned unit development approval is a rezoning approval.
   The proposed location of any planned unit development or any use within it shall not adversely affect adjacent property or the public health, safety and/or general welfare. The location of all uses within a planned unit development shall be specified in the approved final development plan. All mixed uses shall conform to the general planning characteristics that have been developed by the City of London in its Comprehensive Plan, this Zoning Code and the Subdivision Regulations.
   When the proposed Planned Unit Development (PUD) District contains a mixture of residential uses with business and/or manufacturing uses, the amount of land devoted to business and/or manufacturing use in a residential, business, manufacturing or residential business development may be determined by the Planning Commission with the approval of Council.
(Ord. 125-97.  Passed 4-3-97.)